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Through the years, a group of volunteers united to help free-roaming cats and formed TNRM-San Marcos. Their mission to reduce euthanasia of homeless cats brought them together with Pet Prevent a Litter (PALS) of Central Texas in 2008 this union resulted in the formation of PALS TNRM. PALS endorses TNRM, and supports volunteers in TNRM efforts through training and technical support, advocacy and community outreach.

PALS TNRM volunteers spay and neuter hundreds of cats each year, preventing thousands of unwanted kittens from dying in on the streets or in shelters.

Sometimes, cats (usually kittens) rescued from the streets can be tamed and adopted. As soon as the kittens cats are healthy, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and socialized they are available for adoption.


Adoption Guidelines

The adopter must to agree to the following:

1. The cat is to live in an indoor private residence as a companion animal.

2. To provide the cat with sufficient quantities of nutritious food and fresh water each day.

3. Never to have the cat de-clawed.

4. Pay an adoption fee.

5. Neutering is required by five months of age. If the cat is not neutered prior to adoption, the adopter agrees to return the cat to PALS TNRM as early as it reaches 3 pounds (minimum weight requirement to neuter) and no later than 5 months.

6. The adopter understands that some cats or kittens will receive an ear tip during surgery (trimming the tip of the left ear is a universal sign that a cat has been neutered). Alternatively, the adopter may choose a different vet to get the cat neutered, but proof of surgery must be mailed/ e-mailed or faxed to PALS TNRM within 30 days of the procedure.

7. If the cat must be relinquished for any reason, the adopter must return the cat to PALS TNRM.

Please download, print and complete the adoption contract. Fax or mail it back to us in order to complete your adoption.


Use the adoption application above for more information about adopting any of our cats or kittens.