Trapping Guidelines

Feral cats frequently receive a tipped left ear (see flat edge) to indicate they've been spayed or neutered.

Feral cats frequently receive a tipped left ear (see flat edge) to indicate they've been spayed or neutered.

Due to high demand, PALS is only trapping in San Marcos at this time. If you've spoken with the TNRM Volunteer and set up a time to trap cats, we ask that you follow these guidelines to make trapping successful:

  1. Stop feeding the cats at least 12 hours prior to scheduled trapping. Continue to provide the cats with fresh water. Hungry cats will more readily go into a baited cage.
  2. We ask that there be at least 5 cats so they can be taken to be fixed at Austin Humane Society (where there's not a spay/neuter fee). If less than 5 cats are to be trapped, there be a $35 charge at the time of trapping.
  3. All feral cats trapped by a PALS volunteer or feral cats trapped in a loaner trap that are taken to our vet will be combo-tested. Cats that test positive for FIV/FeLV will be euthanized.
  4. The cats will be brought back from where they were trapped, we do NOT rehome or remove feral cats.

Keep in mind that we will limit trapping to two visits to your property so that others can get help also. That makes it very important to stop feeding so that you'll have the greatest chance of catching the cats on the day you plan to trap.


A Word from Our Clients

  • I am so grateful to PALS for allowing me to have my dogs spayed. Thanks so much for this great program!

  • Your help has given my dogs and I the opportunity to have them spayed with no more worries or stress and allows us to help make a difference. Thank you, PALS!

  • Thank you so much. We had a pregnant cat adopt us and we were able to get her and her kittens fixed because of you.

  • Now my dog is able to calmly live her life, without being in heat. She still has a rambunctious personality, but she doesn't try to slip out the door to find a mate.

  • When we moved here, we were surprised to find so many wilds cats living in San Marcos. As I’ve increasingly tried to help – by catching kittens and their moms and finding homes for them – PALS has been a tremendous help. They have helped me learn about trapping, pay for spaying and neutering, and fostering kittens. Together with PALS I was able to trap and find homes for 13 kittens last year.

  • Thank you for all that you do, and for the services PALS offers. Prevention is paramount in the quest to lessen the number of strays on the streets. Without the voucher I would not have been able to pay for the blood test in addition to the surgery. Thank you again.

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