Voucher Application

After reading our rules and guidelines, please complete the form below to be considered for the spay/neuter voucher program.

PALS is located in, and assists pets living in, Hays County, Texas. Our ability to assist pets depends on donations and grants. If we have no grants or donations we will gladly put your pet on a waiting list for spay/neuter or you can check out www.emancipet.org which is a vet located in Austin that also has a mobile van that comes to several different cities in Hays County to do low-cost spay/neuter.

Please see our Useful Resources page for more help.

We do not assist with spay/neuter for rabbits - just dogs and cats. We don't give vouchers for animals living in a shelter or that are part of a rescue group.

We are unable to give vouchers for stray animals or feral cats, but please see our Community Cats page for information on helping feral cats.


Who qualifies for a voucher? Please read these rules BEFORE applying:

  • DO NOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO HAVE YOUR PET SPAYED OR NEUTERED BEFORE YOU RECEIVE APPROVAL OF YOUR VOUCHER OR YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF THE SURGERY. If you are approved for a voucher, your pet's spay/neuter surgery will be either low-cost or free when redeemed at a vet on our approved list. If approved your voucher must be used within one month. We advise that you do not make an appointment for your pet's spay/neuter until you have confirmation your voucher is approved.
  • Apply under the FULL NAME OF THE PERSON who will be taking the pet to the veterinarian. PLEASE USE THIS NAME IN ALL CORRESPONDENCE WITH PALS. IF YOU GIVE US A DIFFERENT NAME WHEN ASKING A QUESTION WE HAVE NO WAY TO KNOW WHAT APPLICANT YOU ARE REFERING TO. (if you change your last name at some point during the process, please continue to use the name you applied with)
  • If approved you will receive an email detailing how to redeem your voucher. If not approved, you will receive an email telling you why and giving you other low-cost spay/neuter options.
  • Please do not make a copay donation until you have received email notice from a PALS volunteer that your voucher is approved. If you make a donation before you are approved, the donation will not be returned.
  • As a general rule, cats must be at least 3-4 months old and weigh at least 3 pounds to be spayed or neutered, dogs must be 4-5 months of age to be spayed/neutered.
  • As required by state law, a current Rabies Certificate for your pet must be shown to the vet before the spay/neuter surgery or you must pay for your pet to have the rabies vaccination.
  • Clients are responsible for additional costs if they choose to have additional medical procedures, unusual anesthesia protocols, vaccinations or add-ons at the time of surgery.
  • The PALS voucher is null and void if any mutilating procedures are done during the spay/neuter surgery, including but not limited to tail docking, declawing, and ear-pinning.
  • PALS participating veterinarians make all determinations about the safety of performing a spay or neuter based on their medical opinion of the cat or dog's physical health. Some, but not all, of the factors they use to determine this are age of the pet (the older a pet gets, the more risk is involved), past and current issues, current condition of the pet, aggression issues, and any other factors the veterinarian considers a risk.
  • Please fill out the voucher form completely or the request will not be processed. After completing the form and pressing the Submit button, wait for a confirmation screen indicating the form has been received. If you do not get a confirmation screen, some of the voucher application was missing and we did not receive your request. Missing blocks will be highlighted for you to completed.
  • Remember to check your email junk or spam folder for a reply since our volunteers use their own email address to email you about your voucher request! The copy of your voucher application that you receive via email is not an approved voucher.
  • Please be patient. PALS workers are all volunteers. Give us at least 2 days to respond to your voucher request.
We primarily serve Hays County, Texas, residents. Virginia residents, please go to www.preventalitter.org instead.
For our purposes, we would like to know how many people (adults and children) live in your household. Your information is confidential and will not be shared with any other parties.
This is the monthly total income (gross - before taxes and deductions) that all members of the household bring in. This includes paychecks, governmental funds, social security, etc. If you are a college student please include the amount received from parents for monthly living expenses. This information will not be shared with any other parties. It is solely for our numbers.
You may use this box to explain your answer about income or ask a question.
If you are able to make a donation to help offset the cost of surgery, it helps to continue supporting the voucher program. If you are able to make a small copay (suggested amount, $10-30), we will ask you to make that donation after your voucher is approved. Remember that there are additional expenses incurred at the time of surgery, including a pre-surgery exam and other electives and recommended extras such as pain medication, e-collar and vaccinations, so plan accordingly.
We can help with up to five pets.
Examples: friend, stray animal, gift, breeder, shelter, pet store
specify months or years
Please tell what breed or mix or breeds for your dog or cat. Most cats can simply be classified as short-hair, medium-hair or long-hair if you're not sure.
Please tell what color and pattern of fur, e.g. black, tan, white, gray, solid, spots, brindle, tabby, tortoise shell, etc.

A Word from Our Clients

  • I am so grateful to PALS for allowing me to have my dogs spayed. Thanks so much for this great program!

  • Your help has given my dogs and I the opportunity to have them spayed with no more worries or stress and allows us to help make a difference. Thank you, PALS!

  • Thank you so much. We had a pregnant cat adopt us and we were able to get her and her kittens fixed because of you.

  • Now my dog is able to calmly live her life, without being in heat. She still has a rambunctious personality, but she doesn't try to slip out the door to find a mate.

  • When we moved here, we were surprised to find so many wilds cats living in San Marcos. As I’ve increasingly tried to help – by catching kittens and their moms and finding homes for them – PALS has been a tremendous help. They have helped me learn about trapping, pay for spaying and neutering, and fostering kittens. Together with PALS I was able to trap and find homes for 13 kittens last year.

  • Thank you for all that you do, and for the services PALS offers. Prevention is paramount in the quest to lessen the number of strays on the streets. Without the voucher I would not have been able to pay for the blood test in addition to the surgery. Thank you again.

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